The Institute offers certificate course in basic skills and advanced skills in counselling. The course is specially designed for medical doctors, clergy, college and school teachers, social workers and community health professionals keeping in mind their background and expectations. The participants will get glimpses in to the various aspects of counselling and they could utilize this experience in their future career/ministry. The training will equip participants to promote mental health and healing in their vocational settings

Philosophy and Orientation of the Course

The course is undergirded by the faith that human beings are created in the image of God and that they have within themselves the potential to grow and reflect that image. It is recognized that human growth and development are blocked or hindered by a variety of factors within the human person and in the human environment. The course seeks to be an instrument in the hands of God who is constantly at work in human persons inspiring and facilitating growth. The course endeavors to create a climate of trust among the trainees that they can honestly examine themselves and dismantle their own blocks and grow towards the fullness God has intended for them. This process would help trainees to become better helpers and counsellors.

Method of Teaching

The teaching method will be that of learning by doing. Trainees will learn by doing counseling under supervision. They will also learn by doing counseling in normal setting of life and having it supervised by the staff of the Institute.

 Basic Skills in Counselling (50hrs)

The course on basic skills in counseling is arranged for three months on Saturdays. The same is also offered as an evening course arranged on Fridays and Saturdays. This programme is an introduction to counselling skills and practice. 


 Skills  & Attitudes in Counselling
​ Attending Skills
​ Listening Skills
​ Responding Skills
​ Understanding Personality
​ Understanding Family
​ Understanding the Children
​ Understanding the Adolescents
​ Understanding the Elderly
​ Understanding the Terminally Ill
​ Understanding the Bereaved
​ Understanding the Suicidal
​ Understanding the Addicts
​ Mental Health & Mental Disorders
​ Introduction to Psychotherapy

Course requirements

​ Reading Report     :  one
​ Attendance          :  90%
​ Case study           :  one

Advanced skills in counseling (50 hrs)

The certificate course in advanced skills in counseling is arranged for three months on Saturdays. It seeks to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills in counseling in advanced level to those interested in becoming counselors.  The course aims at increasing the availability of persons with counseling skills in normal professional settings.


​ Review of Basic Skills in Counselling

           ​ Attending Skills
           ​ Listening Skills
           ​ Responding Skills
​ Introduction to Advanced Skills

​       * Responding skills - Advanced Empathy
​       * Personalizing Skills

​  Carkhuff’s Model based on ‘Person Centered Approach in Counselling’

          ​  Assumptions
          ​  Key Concepts & Core Skills
          ​  Goals
          ​  Therapeutic Process
​  Counselling with Reluctant and Resistant clients

​  Grief Process and Grief Counselling

Course Requirements 

​  Attendance                         90%
​  Verbatim presentation         Two
​  Reading Report                   one

The completed application form together with the Demand Draft for Rs. 100/ in favour of TMA Institute of Counselling payable at SBT Ammancherry must be received by the Director, TMA institute of Counselling, Amalagiri P.O., Kottayam. PIN 686036, Kerala, India.

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