Certificate in Supervised Counselling Practice is viewed as a pivotal learning component to the training programme at the centre. It is an experiential learning programme through intensely supervised clinical practice and training at the centre. 


 Certificate in Supervised Counselling Practice (CSCP) is to be completed in one year from the time of registration.

 Candidates are required to do 100 hrs practical sessions.  Candidates are also required to present 15 verbatim reports for supervision which will be discussed in the CSCP group. The CSCP group will meet once a month under the supervision of the faculty.

 Candidates are required to attend periodical workshops and make presentations in relation to supervision and clinical practice.

 Personal counselling sessions will be offered to the candidates to resolve personal issues.

 During the course of training candidates are required to involve and participate in peer counselling sessions (in groups) in the presence of the supervisor/s.

 In the initial phase, candidates will be permitted to sit with counsellors as observers in live sessions. 

 After observation, candidates will be allowed to sit with counsellors as co- therapists in live sessions.

 When the candidate completes 60 hrs supervised sessions and a minimum of 7supervised verbatim reports he/she will be permitted to do counselling sessions independently in the presence of the supervisor/s.

 Each practical session will be followed by a discussion with the supervisors.

 After the completion of 100 hrs Supervised Counselling Practice and 15 supervised verbatim reports, candidates will have to appear for an interview.

 Certificate in Supervised Counselling Practice will be given to those who fulfil all the above requirements successfully.

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