Diploma in Clicnical Pastoral Counselling (DCPC)

General Information

The 'Diploma in Clinical Pastoral Counselling (DCPC)' is a programme of the Serampore University in India. The University offered this programme for the first time in 2001-02. The TMA Institute of Counselling is one of the major institutions in India Offering the DCPC programme.

Aim and Scope

The university has designed the programme to meet the needs of Christian counselors who look forward to a full-time counseling ministry in the setting of schools/colleges, hospitals or social work agencies. It is also aimed at imparting professional level competence for those who are called for a full-time counseling ministry in the setting of a counseling centre.

Nature of the Programme

This is a one year, full time, residential programme. Candidates will be examined by the university through comprehensive examination, which are externally evaluated. There are in addition internally examined papers. The candidates will also receive intensive training under supervision.


Christians of any denomination who fulfill one of the following set of qualification are eligible to apply:
Graduation in any discipline from a recognized university with three years of work experience. The work experience need not be in the setting of a church. However, the candidates should have a record of exercising lay leadership in their church or in the local congregation for a period of three years.
B.D. or B.Th. holders of Serampore University with three years of work experience.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction shall be English.

Food and Accommodation

The centre runs a mess for the students. Accommodation is also available for men and women. Residential requirement is compulsory unless exempted under special circumstances.

Selection of candidates

Candidates will be selected on the basis of a written test and interview. The dates will be announced in advance.

Course Content

The course consists of nine compulsory papers, two optional papers and a project not exceeding five thousand words. It would also involve extensive practice of counseling under the supervision of the counselors of the Institute. The details are given below:-

Compulsory papers

DCPC - 1    Basic Skills in Clinical Pastoral Counselling
DCPC - 2    Biblical and Theological Bases of Clinical Pastoral Counselling
DCPC - 3    Introduction to Personality Theories
DCPC - 4    Introduction to schools of counseling an Psychotherapy
DCPC - 5    Human development and counseling during development stages
DCPC - 6    Marriage and family counseling
DCPC - 7    Crisis Counselling
DCPC - 8    Counselling the addicts and the HIV/AIDS Patients
DCPC - 9    Psychopathology and Counselling of the Mentally and Physically Ill

Optional Courses

Two courses from the following list shall be opted:
DCPC - 10    Ministry to the differently abled
DCPC - 11    Ministry to the Aged
DCPC - 12    History of Medicine, Medical Terminology etc
DCPC - 13    Healing Ministry and the Sacramental Life of the Church
DCPC - 14    Counselling and the gender issues
DCPC - 15    Counselling children with special problems
DCPC - 16    Management Skills

Project Work

A student shall choose a project which involves the application of his/her skills in counseling and write a project report not exceeding 5000 words.

Counselling Practice

The candidates have to do extensive practical work. Verbatim reports on 30 practice sessions are to be supervised by the staff.

Personal Therapy

Professional training in pastoral counseling involves having therapy  for personal growth. Overcoming personal problems is vital in being helpful to others. Hence every trainee is required to do personal therapy with the trainers.

Credit System

The nine compulsory papers are grouped into four comprehensive papers for which questions are set and answer scripts evaluated by the Serampore University. Each comprehensive paper carries 100 marks. The project work done under the supervision of a staff person is also valued by the university and carries 100 marks. Five hundred marks are set apart for verbatim reports, book reviews and the two optional papers. These will be internally valued. Thus out of a total of 1000 marks, half would be externally valued and the other half internally valued.

Applications Forms

Application forms are available from The Director, TMA Institute of Counselling, Amalagiri P.O., Kottayam - 686561. The forms may be obtained in person from the institute or by mail free of cost or may be downloaded for the TMAIC website, www.tmaic.org. You will be registered as an applicant when the application form is returned together with a Demand Draft for Rs. 400/- in favour of TMA Institute of Counselling payable at the State Bank of Travancore, Ammancherry.

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