The post graduate course in the area of Counseling and Psychotherapy (MCP) of the Serampore University is aimed at developing professionals in this vital field. The programme equips a person to become a trainer and practitioner of Counselling and Psychotherapy.  A remarkable feature of this programme is its focus on the applied aspects and the thrust on experiential learning.

Aim and Scope

The university has designed the programme to meet the needs of counselors who look forward to a full-time counseling ministry in the setting of schools/colleges, hospitals or social work agencies. It is also aimed at imparting professional level competence for those who are called for a full-time counseling ministry in the setting of a counseling centre. MCP programme is a venture to produce a new generation of competent clinical counselors.

Nature of the Programme

MCP is a two year, full time, residential programme to receive intensive practical training under supervision.  Candidates will be examined by the university through comprehensive examinations, which are externally evaluated. There are in addition internally examined papers. The candidates will also receive intensive practical training under supervision.

Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline from a recognized university. 

Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction shall be English.

Food and Accomodation: The centre runs a mess for the students. Accomodation is also available for men and women. Residential requirement is compulsory unless exempted under special circumstances. 

Selection of candidates: Candidates will be selected on the basis of a written test and interview. The dates will be intimated in advance.

Curriculum: There shall be 12 compulsory papers and two optional papers (54 credits)

1.    Course & Paper Code 

MCP 1    Introduction to Psychology (College examined - 2 credits)

MCP 2    Foundations of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Senate examined- 4 credits)

MCP 3    Developmental Psychology (Senate examined – 4 credits)

MCP 4    Personality Theories (Senate examined- 4 credits)

MCP 5    Introduction to Schools of Counselling and Psychotherapy (College examined – 2 credits)

MCP 6    Crisis Intervention (Senate examined- 4 credits)

MCP 7    Research Methods in Counselling and Psychotherapy (College examined - 4 credits)

MCP 8    Marriage and Family Therapy (Senate examined-4 credits)

MCP 9    Detailed Study on Major Psychotherapies (senate examined- 4 credits)

MCP 10  Introduction to Psychometric testing for Assessment (College examined - 2 credits)

MCP 11  Psychopathology and Mental Health (College examined- 4 credits)

MCP 12  Supervised Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice (College examined - 6 credits)

    Courses : Optional Course & Paper Code 

MCP 13  Healing in the Indian Religious and Spiritual Traditions (College examined-   2 credits)

MCP 16  Counselling and Psychotherapy with the Aged (college examined- 2 credits)

MCP 11  Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and De-addictionCounselling (College examined –  2 credits)

MCP 17  Counselling and Psychotherapy for Children with special problems (college examined- 2 credits)

2.    Dissertation

25000 words – 8 Credits (Senate examined - Internal & external)

3.    Supervised Counselling and Psychotherapy (Supervised Practicum)  

Students are required to do minimum 60 hours of supervised counseling/psychotherapy practice (This includes supervision of 30 verbatim reports). This will be divided into psychotherapeutic/counselling work using specific models and specific categories of counselees such as children, adolescents, family, victims of abuse, addicts etc.  

Applications Forms

Application forms are available from The Director, TMA Institute of Counselling, Amalagiri P.O., Kottayam - 686561. The forms may be obtained in person from the institute or by mail free of cost or may be downloaded for the TMAIC website, You will be registered as an applicant when the application form is returned together with a Demand Draft for Rs. 400/- in favour of TMA Institute of Counselling payable at the State Bank of Travancore, Ammancherry.

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